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Welcome to, a leading provider of free health insurance information on the internet. has individual low cost health insurance plans for you and your family to best meet your insurance coverage and wellness needs. In fact, our website has been primarily designed to help such rising section of the society, including student coverage and group health coverage. If you're currently covered by your employer and want to purchase an individual policy we can refer you to the several leading providers that will compare cost and coverage details for a policy that meets your individual or family needs.

There's no doubt that purchasing online health insurance can turn out to be quite a difficult task, especially for the first timers. However,'s innovative approach has made it easier for thousands of individuals to get themselves covered under a private health insurance plan, which seemed impossible before. Cobra health insurance is another alternative to your company's plan after you leave the company but many people may be able to obtain significantly lower rates by purchasing an individual or family plan. Here's how they do it:

With a customer oriented approach we guide our customers throughout the individual health insurance quote process and give important
feedback regarding what they will get from the quote to coverage. Right now, the average annual rates for individuals and families stand at $8,214 and $19,841 respectively. These figures represent an 80% increase since 2012. With the cost of both individual and family health plans increasing every year, finding affordable health insurance quotes for yourself and your family is more important now than ever. is a premier health insurance information, advice & quoting site, which is own by HealthRates, LLC. Our whole business model is customer-oriented, which strives to provide customers with best family health insurance plan options. Our customer service representatives stay online 24/7 to answer all the queries of the customer and guide them throughout the process. In fact, neither we are an insurance agency nor a carrier like the Blue Cross Blue Shield. As a customer you are rest assured that we don't favor any particular insurance company over the other. In other words, our primary motive is to help you get the best plan that suits your needs. We are partnered with some of the renowned licensed agencies from all over the U.S. to provide our customers with health insurance quotes online.

It's a fact that the individuals & families are the biggest section of health insurance customers today. Besides, some of the insurance customers have particular needs.
In case, if you fall under the categories given below, you can select the appropriate link to know about the providers who can cater to your needs.